ARRC Task Force

Avoid, Reduce, Restore negative impacts from energy, extractive and associated infrastructure projects on apes and contribute positively to their Conservation.

We are an IUCN SSC Primate Specialist Group Task Force comprised of the world’s leading ape conservation experts with the goal of providing advice about avoidance, reduction, and restoration of the negative impacts of energy, extractive and associated infrastructure projects on apes, and recommendations for ways that companies can also contribute positively to ape conservation.

APES AND EEAI PROJECTS (EEAI=Energy, Extractive & Associated Infrastructure) PROJECTS
​Apes live in 34 countries in Africa and Asia – two regions of the world where rapid globalization, urbanization and accelerated infrastructure development have put biodiversity at risk.

​Although apes face many of the same threats as other taxa, they are especially vulnerable due to their life history with long periods of maturation and low birth rates, resulting in very slow population growth rates. Even a slight increase in mortality rates can quickly result in negative growth rates and population declines, from which it will take decades or centuries to recover.

Deorestation in Riau Province, Sumatra, Indonesia