International Gibbon Day

International Gibbon Day is October 24th!

Every year, gibbon lovers around the world organise events to raise awareness of our favourite apes. It’s a great opportunity to get more people involved in conservation – to teach them about what gibbons need to survive, and to recruit the next generation of gibbonologists.

Want to put on your own International Gibbon Day event? You can download our logo pack here.

International Gibbon Day is a truly global event. In the past, events have been held by communities in habitat countries, museums and field schools, zoos and charities.

It’s all about raising awareness. One of the greatest threats gibbons face is a lack of publicity – we need to spread the word about how threatened they are, and how people can help.

Games, talks, performances, music, art workshops and sports have all been used to teach people how to protect gibbons. We’ve had tree-planting events, we’ve heard keynote talks from university researchers in habitat countries, we’ve even seen a gibbon opera – in 2020, we had events taking place in eleven countries around the world.

Let’s make International Gibbon Day 2021 one to remember.

If you want to organise an event, please get in touch for advice – and remember to use the IGD and SSA logos in your event materials! Download materials below for FREE.