Save the gibbon grant

Are you a citizen of a gibbon habitat country? Are you looking for funding to support a conservation or education project there? Then please contact us to discuss our Save the Gibbon Grant!

This grant is to support applied conservation, conservation-related research and education efforts of projects working with gibbons in South East Asia. We encourage applications from projects where there is an emergency situation, which could not be predicted, and for which there are no other funds available.

Please note: this grant will not support research unless there is a clear conservation link.

We’re looking for applications which will: 

Contribute to the conservation of gibbons in the wild and/or rescue/rehabilitation centres

Develop or contribute to animal biological and behavioural databases with particular emphasis on applied studies for: in situ conservation and ex situ husbandry, population management and habitat conservation

Develop or contribute to education initiatives that promote gibbon conservation and habitat preservation

We’re especially interested in projects aimed at addressing immediate threats that require targeted specific action, with high chance of generating rapid positive results. The grant is available on an ongoing basis.

Please email us for an initial discussion – we’re always happy to hear from applicants.

Projects we’ve recently supported include:

Indonesia: Arif Setiawan for his project entitled Mentawai Gibbon Conservation Project

Bangladesh: Dr M. Farid Ahsan & M. Tarik Kabir for their project entitled Initiative of community-based conservation approach, population estimation and threats assessment of Western hoolock gibbon (Hoolock hoolock Harlan, 1834) in Cox’s Bazar district of Bangladesh

Malaysia: Dr Nadine Ruppert for her project entitled The distribution, abundance, and conservation status of gibbons in Peninsular Malaysia

India: Jihosuo Biswas for his project entitled Designing and Implementing Community Based Conservation Education Campaign on Western Hoolock Gibbon in Karbi-Anglong, Assam, India